5 Celebs Pairs Who Should Collaborate On A Sex Book


5 Celebs Pairs Who Should Collaborate On A Sex Book
Are James Franco and Lindsay Lohan making a sex book? If not, here are 5 celeb pairs that should.

Tom Ford and Lady GaGa: Speaking of interesting, how crazy would these two be together? We've already seen how dapper Tom Ford looks in a suit, we know he's a stickler for quality, and he's come up with wildly creative erotic images in the past. And if GaGa wears meat and latex to premiere events, we're dying to see what she'd wear to impress Mr. Ford.

David and Victoria "Posh" Beckham. Victoria Beckham made headlines in 2009 when she told Allure magazine she prefers sex with her hubby over sleep. Um, duh. Have you not seen David Beckham in his underwear? The Beckham's have already teased us with their scantily clad campaigns for Armani and their perfume "Intimately Yours," so we have a feeling they'd totally be up for a sex book.


John Mayer and Jessica Simpson: Honestly, we really just want to see what sexual napalm looks like.

What celebrities would you like to see collaborate on a sex book?