Susan Sarandon Hooked Up With Judah Friedlander?!


Judah Friedlander "just can't say" whether or not he's more than friends with Susan Sarandon.

According to the, Susan Sarandan's latest stint on 30 Rock as Frank's (played by Judah Friedlander) former love may have blossomed into an unlikely real life romance for the two actors—or if not love, at least a booty call.

Sources on the set of 30 Rock claim the two "hooked up," but neither party is confessing.

Confronted by the NY Post, Judah said, "You know, one of my New Year's resolutions is to only go out with Oscar winners." However, he later texted that, "I just can't say either way what's going on with me and Susan." Don't Call Susan Sarandon A Cougar

Why the secrecy? Maybe it has to do with Susan's other younger man, Jonathan Bricklin. Since Susan Sarandon and actor Tim Robbins split in 2009, she's been seen getting frisky with business partner, 32-year-old Jonathan, and there's even been talks of the two getting marriedSusan Sarandon To Marry Jonathan Bricklin?

Although Susan and Judah seem to be a bit of an odd couple (OK, maybe more than a bit), the two have more of a connection than a guest appearance on NBC. Apparently, the actors share a love of ping pong as well as comedy. And Judah even held his book party last year at Susan and Jonathan's club, SPiN.

Either way, Susan's reps aren't talking either. We guess we'll just have to see if there's any real chemistry in the March 17th 30 Rock episode, "Queen of Jordan."  


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