On February 13, 2011, at the Bodega wine bar in Brooklyn, NY, YourTango and Love Stalker hosted Valentine's Eve Speed Flirting. In addition to a screening of the Love Stalker trailer, speed flirting tips from several of our YourTango Experts and some circuit-style flirting that led to some real-life love matches, attendees also had the chance to win free membership from HowAboutWe.com, toys from Babeland, earrings from Sonia Lub & Christopher Jones Marino and more. Participants also received info on their astrological love matches, courtesy of Moonit.com, and awesome gift bags featuring loot from Harvey Prince, Sexy Slang, Love Stylist Tristan Coopersmith and more!

See the video above for some highlights from that evening, some Love Stalker clips (featuring Matt Glasson) and some speed flirting tips from YourTango's own Claire Daniel.

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Claire advised participants to avoid talking about past relationships, and to "be yourself, quirks and all."

Have you ever done speed dating? What would you suggest for speed dating success?

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