8 Hilarious Royal Wedding Souvenirs—Buy Yours Now!


royal wedding gnomes
You'll never forget Prince William & Kate Middleton's big day with these royal wedding souvenirs.

Novelty condoms. Heritage Condoms created their aptly-named line of "Crown Jewels" condoms to celebrate the happy occasion. "Combining the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be, Crown Jewels condoms promise a royal union of pleasure. Truly a King amongst condoms," the company says. Though, according to the packaging, "Crown Jewels Royal Wedding Souvenir Condoms are a novelty condom not suitable for contraception or protection against STDs." Hm. Well, we can't imagine that that they'd do much to enhance the mood anyway.

Wedding countdown app. In case you're waiting on the edge of your seat for the ceremony to begin.


Image courtesy of The Guardian

Would you buy any of these items? If not, what royal wedding memorabilia would you purchase?