Love Bytes: Are Strip Clubs OK? And Men's #1 Dating Fear Is...


Why dating a manchild may be a good thing, and things he says that make you love him instantly.

Love Bytes: 11 must-click love and relationship links.

Does your man enjoy the occasional visit to the strip club? This writer points out when it may not be so innocent. [The Stir]

Who is the wackiest guy you've ever dated? The Frisky editors recall the oddest notches on their bedposts. [The Frisky]

Believe it or not, guys wonder how they stack up to your former flames. Here are the traits they tend to weigh themselves against. [Shine]

Ever feel like you're dating an oversized child? This author explores why prolonged adolescence may not be such a bad thing. [Double X]

Men's number one dating question is: How do I avoid dating a gold digger? We're somewhat horrified. Read on. [AskMen]

Looking to spice up your sex life this weekend? Try taking the lead! Glamour shows you how. [Glamour]

If you're already looking forward to next Valentine's Day, you're not taking advantage of 364 other opportunities to express your love. [Divine Caroline]

Studies have shown which gender is the most forgiving, and we think you may be surprised by the answer. [TresSugar]

Want to get more out of conversations with your guy? Try implementing a 5-minute rule. [Huffington Post Living]

Love at first words? 16 things a man could say that would make us love him instantly. [The Gloss]

And finally, in honor of this week's Oscar extravaganza, awards for sexiness in this year's films. [Nerve]


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