Oscars 2011: The Real Truth About The Best Actress Curse


natalie portman holding her best actress oscar trophy
Is the Best Actress Oscar curse real? And if so, how can the 2011 Oscar winner avoid splitsville?

Is There A Solution?
Dr. Johnson advises the winner to "be aware of the 'curse'" and do whatever it takes to get her relationship back on track the moment she notices it veering off. Given the track record of Best Actress winners before her, this year's winning lady would be well-advised to devote less time to speech-writing and more to shoring up her relationship before the big night. As each Best Actress nominees' situation is different, the experts offered advice specific to the three coupled-up hopefuls:

Natalie Portman – The current front-runner, Black Swan's Portman recently became engaged to dancer Benjamin Millepied, with whom she's also expecting a child. "[Natalie] may be in the spotlight, but her new family needs to be her priority," says online-dating coach and YourTango Expert Julie Spira. At the same time, the couple needs to "remember what attracted them to each other to begin with" when outside pressures start invading. "Natalie and Benjamin should schedule a romantic getaway and regular date nights," Spira suggests.


Nicole Kidman – "As Nicole Kidman already suffered through a divorce [from Tom Cruise], she knows how important it is to keep her relationship a priority," says Spira. "Fortunately, she met Keith [Urban] when she was already a superstar. She should continue to balance her work and career, as her formula seems to be working well."

Annette Bening – Spira believes that "Annette has what it takes to be the lifetime 'it girl' for Warren [Beatty]." She and Beatty have been together for nearly 20 years. Spira adds, "I have high hopes that they'll be together for the long haul, with or without her Oscar win."

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