Oscars 2011: The Real Truth About The Best Actress Curse


natalie portman holding her best actress oscar trophy
Is the Best Actress Oscar curse real? And if so, how can the 2011 Oscar winner avoid splitsville?

Blame The Lifestyle
Psychologist, life coach and YourTango Expert Dr. Amy Johnson sees the Hollywood lifestyle itself as the possible culprit: "[The Oscar-winning actress] just spent months shooting a film, often on location away from her husband. During that time, she's completely catered to on set. She's already being lauded for her excellent performance. The Oscar hype starts and everyone is talking about how great she is. Anyone in this situation would have an inflated ego.

"Then, she goes back home to her possibly-jealous-and-feeling-wounded husband. He's not stroking her ego; he's wanting to know when dinner will be ready. This can be a huge adjustment for the woman. It may lead her to wanting an upgrade, or it may lead to her wondering why her husband doesn't appreciate her like the rest of the world does. Either way, it's stressful." Winning an Oscar turns out to be a perfect storm of marriage-threatening elements. 7 Hollywood Husband And Wife Oscar Winners


Blame No One; It's Just A Coincidence
But dating coach and YourTango Expert Evan Marc Katz, is reluctant to place the blame on either the man or woman in these situations. Instead, he suggests that the curse is just a coincidence, created by a public "looking for messages when there is no message." According to Katz, "Hollywood is a weird, toxic environment. These are already weak marriages, so it's not surprising when a famous couple breaks up. When a couple makes it—that's news."

Katz makes a good point: celebrity relationships are not known for their stability. But whether stars break up because of awards or just because the wind blows, they sure could use some advice for making their love last longer.

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