How YourTango Helped Readers Get Over Their Exes


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YourTango's Break Up With Your Ex Day helped readers get over past relationships and move on.

And Mary Ermani says. "Yes I am finalizing it & deleting pics as we speak off my fb once & 4 all. Enough is enough. Time 4 healing."

Over on Twitter, @rosadances says, "Blocking? Yes. It may have been the smartest thing I did last year—cutting the chord [sic], creating a more peaceful space for myself."


sleep2dream adds, "I haven't blocked him but I hide him on my feed. I sometimes forget he exist soon deleting his #"

So what helped readers get over their exes? 

@findmedates says, "Just realising that they weren't the person I thought/hoped they were & I deserve better—that did it, but it took time!"

@JoyGregory had some tech-savvy suggestions for readers: "Got an app that blocks calls & texts. Set up email so that it automatically deletes anything from the ex's accts. #DoneWithCrap"

In the end, our readers were the biggest advocates for breaking up with your ex. Says Alison Stoltz over on our Facebook page, "Good riddance!!! Moving on for good... I hope everyone out their [sic] will take YourTango's advice on the 'breaking up with your ex' and find someone newer and better. Everyone deserves love and happiness, especially on Valentine's Day. So, get out there and find your happiness. Find someone who loves you as much as you should love yourself."

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