When Getting Dumped Is A Cause For Gratitude


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The seven lessons one woman is thankful to have learned from her breakups.

5. To the guy who broke up with me so he could date my best friend, and eventually marry her: Thank you for helping me realize (the very hard way) that you can't come between two people who are in love. Thanks for teaching my 19-year-old self it's not all about me—and that you weren't doing what you did to hurt me, but rather to be with each other.

6. To the guy who broke up with me on a mountaintop in Mexico in the middle of a two-month road trip: Thank you for making me realize how difficult traveling with a significant other can be, and how you have to make compromises to keep each other happy when you're on the road. Had I know that then, I would have been a lot kinder and sweeter to you.


7. To the guy I dumped who later wrote a scathing blog about me that included photos of me and my home address: Thank you for helping me get over myself. I was 16 when this happened and it seemed like the end of the world. I obsessed for weeks, until my mom said, "You know, you should try doing something for someone else instead of worrying about what people think about you." And then I did. Thank you for helping me realize that sometimes the best way to get over someone is to give back to other people. The Frisky: 21 Things It's Totally Okay To Do After A Breakup

Written by Julie Gerstein for The Frisky

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