Pop Culture Vs The Pulpit: How I Decided Premarital Sex Was Wrong


woman with rosary
After a lifetime of competing messages about premarital sex I embraced my faith and decided to wait.

It continued on into college, and was fostered by the invention of Google and by the vast array of research techniques I had acquired as an English major. I read books, I gathered quotes, I highlighted my perceived contradictions and hypocrisies, like the fact that Solomon had hundreds of wives and had slept with all of them.

Then, with the help of a pastor, I realized that looking for loopholes wasn't the answer. I actually started embracing the idea of waiting and the idea of what sex can be within marriage—not because I had to out of fear or obligation—but because, surprisingly enough, I actually wanted to wait. It began to make sense. Now, my faith is what influences me when it comes to sexuality. 

What influences the way you view sexuality?