Best Of The Web: Chivalry & Need Vs. Love


chivalrous man
Plus wedding porn, taking someone back and lightening up.

My Daily has it on good authority that double dates are where it's at. I suppose it's always good to have someone to talk to if things go south with what's-her-name. My pals Dave And Ethan have somewhat perfected the art.

Sometimes, having a couple other people around keeps things civil. College Candy wonders if growing from the college hookup scene to the post-college "dating" scene will mean dudes are more chivalrous or what? Yale* men, yes. I can't speak for people who went to safety schools (ahem, Stanford).


Speaking of dating Stanford grads, The Frisky really wants to know if you've ever dumbed yourself down for a date. My question: if you have to pick one extreme would you rather date someone who is an "empty vessel" or an actual-factual know-it-all?

Finally, Love In The Dumps wants you to know what to expect when you date an Aquarius.

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*Note: I went to a public college and barely graduated, I have nothing against Stanford except that their mascot is no plural.

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