Best Of The Web: Chivalry & Need Vs. Love


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Plus wedding porn, taking someone back and lightening up.

With Valentine's Day over, you can all go back to taking each other for granted. Whew. And we can go back to telling people how much love stinks. Here's the best the rest had to offer on love and relationships.

Tracy McMillan (writer on Mad Men & United States Of Tara) has a divisive piece of tough love advice on Huffington Post. Using her own three divorces as basis, she breaks down why you're not married (it's your fault) and the language gets a little finger-to-the-eye-y. Good post, very good conversation in the comments.


Over at, they are ready for springtime and have advice on how you can lighten up your up your love life. If you're a man, come out of the bathroom naked with your junk tucked. If you're a woman, vajazzle yourself a Batman logo. Everyone wins!

Em & Lo ( have hit on an issue close to YourTango's heart: how many times should you take someone back? While you're at it: check out our Love Life Makeover video series on YouTube.

And back to the Huff Po, SaraKay Smullens just watched Blue Valentine and wants to make the distinction between being "in love" and "in need." Doesn't love imply need? Oh, please God let that be true.

Good Men Project appreciates house porn and the trend of bigger, sexier bathrooms. It turns out, though, that it's a better aphrodisiac on paper than on tile.

From house porn to wedding porn. The Plunge discusses how wedding porn could be destroying the very nuptials it seeks to bolster. Who knew any kind of porn could be so destructive.

And if you're addicted to wedding porn, avert your eyes because Leftos has the ten most expensive weddings of all time. I love the number of Brits involved and God save Wayne Rooney.

Off-topic, Bad Online Dates has a great perspective on guy-liner. Pretty Emo-sexual.

And now for: Would You Rather. Would you rather have sex for a year or be thin? Nerve says women are divided 50/50 on it. I suppose you might get more sex if you're skinny BUT a year is a long time.

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