Why Happy Marriages Produce Happy Kids


Feet in bed
Creating a happy family involves maintaining a happy marriage. Here are six tips to follow.

4. Go on dates. Take advantage of family members who live close by or contribute to the economy of a local teenager by hiring them to babysit so you and your spouse can go out for an evening. It may take some planning, but it's worth it. Make a point to have an evening alone with your spouse at least once a month.

5. Give up the TV. We went without the TV for the month of August, and it was amazing to see what that did for our marriage. Try it for a week, or limit the shows you watch and use that time to talk, do little projects together, or spend your the time on other pursuits (wink, wink).

6. Declutter. Clutter distracts, adds chaos, and drains energy from life and your relationships. If you want to give your marriage a boost, declutter the master bedroom. Nothing can kill a romantic moment like embracing your lover, kissing passionately, making your way to the bed together only to trip over the pile of clothes on the floor. Spend some time this week decluttering your room. The rest of the house can wait.

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