Oscars 2011: How To Make The Academy Awards A Date Night


A couple on the couch watching the oscars 2011
Watch the 2011 Oscars live on Sunday and make it a date night while you're at it.

Post-show: Relax. Phew! After a long evening of cooking escapades, trying to predict the future, and smooching your S.O., you had better end the night with a bit of relaxation. Pop in one of the many fabulous nominated movies. The Social Network is perfect if you're feeling brainy, or watch Inception if you want a bit of a thrill-ride. Then, sit back and cozy up. Simple! This very activity is part of the reason we love these silver-screen favorites so much... 

The Academy Awards air on Sunday, February 27 at 8 PM ET. Don't miss a chance to bond with film, fun and a little bit of couple time.