Who's Responsible For "Impure" Thoughts: Men Or Women?


Man with cross and sexy woman
When men fantasize about women, should women be held responsible for their impure thoughts?

I'm going to say no. I'm also going to add that it would be a shame if she had to wake up every morning and spend hours analyzing over whether or not the dress she wanted to wear would cause the men around her "to stumble." But, you may ask, what if the dress was two inches shorter? What if it was a tube top as opposed to having straps? Would it then be deemed inappropriate, and should she then choose not to wear it even in spite of how much she loves it? Should she think of the men before she thinks of herself?

If both sexes could be a bit more compassionate towards each other and recognize that we're all in this together, then maybe we could more easily work collaboratively towards obtaining the one thing we all want to be and have, yet seem to have the hardest time maintaining. Purity. Yes, purity. We're back to that again.

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