How YourTango Expert Dr. Diana Kirschner Led Me To True Love


How Dr. Diana Kirschner helped one woman go from broken engagement to true love.

As told to Meghan Beresford

My love story starts in the unlikeliest of places: returning my engagement ring to a man I truly loved.


I'd never had a relationship as passionate as the one I had with Erik. We experienced the highest of highs, and it was extraordinary. But as time went on, we also started to experience serious lows. We began to see a therapist. One day in the middle of a session, I had a sudden realization: I was tired. This was too painful, we didn't seem to be making progress and we both deserved to be happier than we were. I think I surprised both of us when I blurted out, "I want to break up."

Instead reacting with shock and begging me to stay, Erik angrily outlined a long list of things that were wrong with me. We sat there, both of us, stunned at where we'd ended up. The therapist broke the silence by stating the obvious: "Well, it sounds like this relationship is not working."

I returned Erik's engagement ring, and, unwilling to dwell on the breakup, I threw myself into looking for the kind of love I wanted. I came across Dr. Diana Kirschner's work through her book, Sealing The Deal: The Love Mentor's Guide To Lasting Love.

We have personal trainers at the gym, career coaches, and the stigma of going to therapy has lifted considerably (thanks, Woody Allen!). But when you hear about a concept like Love Mentoring, you think "Oh, jeez. Really, do I need that?" After my experience with Erik I thought maybe I did. I signed up for a trial mentoring session with Dr. Diana and I loved it, but couldn't afford it.

Then YourTango asked me to participate in the 31-Day Love Life Makeover Challenge. I'd get to work with Dr. Diana for free in exchange for letting YourTango film our sessions. I was excited, but also apprehensive about handing over my love life to reality TV. A friend who had worked with Dr. Diana in the past said that Diana was the real deal so I decided to go for it. Dr. Diana Meets Nadette And Explains Love Mentoring

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