Love Bytes: Is Dating Costing You As Much As Rent?


What his favorite sport says about him and why taking out the trash may get him lucky tonight.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

Can we write that off? You'll be surprised how much dating will cost you in one year. [Glamour]

Does your guy love football? Chances are, he's a little on the macho side. Here, what your man's favorite sport says about him. [Glo]

Are the obligatory "getting to know you" questions really necessary, or are there better ways to become acquainted with your date? [TresSugar]

Here's one to try: what you can learn about your date by what they eat and how they treat the waiter. [Divine Caroline]

Enough with the ties he'll never wear! Get your guy a gift he'll really want for Valentine’s Day. [Crushable]

Does watching your man do the dishes actually turn you on? Studies show that men who perform more housework have more sex. [Nerve]

Are we wearing the pants now more than ever? A new survey shows that men and women may be switching roles in relationships. [The Frisky]

Would you consider romance to be so 20th century? Notes on why we may be moving into a post-romantic age. [Huffington Post Living]

Didn't quite hit your fitness goals by Valentine's Day? How to fake a better body on the fly. [Shine]

In honor of Valentine's Day, the 50 best cities for love: is yours one of them? [Betty Confidential]


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