Help! I'm Turning into My Mom


woman hiding in turtleneck
Are you becoming more and more like your mother with every nose you wipe and bed you make?

There is not one material object in my house that I love as much as I love my books. My coffee pot is a close second, but I wouldn't even want coffee if I didn't have a collection of good books to read with a hot cup of java. My mom and I spent my childhood roaming the local public library and used book stores in search of our next favorite read. Even now, most of our time on the phone is spent talking about what the other is reading. My daughter has the same reading habits I did when I was her age, always with a book at the dinner table or pleading to finish, "…just one more page," before lights out at bedtime.

I like watching these patterns repeat. My own daughter looks exactly like her father, but she acts mostly like me. I wonder if someone will accuse her of sounding like me one day. My hope is that she takes it in stride and embraces our similarities. In the same way I feel about my mom, I want my daughter to be more proud by all we share, rather than annoyed by how much we are alike.

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