The Bachelor Episode 6: It's A Jungle In Here


brad womack the bachelor with two ladies on the beach
Brad and the girls go wild in Costa Rica, where backstabbing, gossip, and insects thrive.

Hola! This week, The Bachelor and his bevy of babes heads south of the border to a beautiful land untouched by the grimy hands of reality TV: Costa Rica. From the get-go, Brad's a wreck. His heart's aflutter for every one of his chicas. The ladies are equally smitten... until the first date card arrives for Chantal O. She's ecstatic, naturally. But her arch nemesis, Michelle, hopes that Chantal gets attacked by monkeys.

Brad picks her up and they head for a helicopter (of course), where he takes Chantal deep in the jungle to the world's longest zip-line course. After frolicking in the rainforest, they sit down to a romantic dinner. All is perfect... until it starts pouring. Running for their lives to save their hairdos and fancy glasses of wine, the couple escapes to the solace of Brad's room. Chantal, dripping wet, changes into one of Brad's white shirts, which makes Brad completely goo goo. Yes, she gets a rose. 5 Cardinal Fashion Rules According To Men


Back at the house, Vienna, er, Michelle talks smack about Chantal O. to Emily. Emily, class act that she is, has nothing to say.

The next day, the gaggle of girls meet Brad for the group date. He tells them they'll be rappelling down a waterfall. Fun, right? Well, not for Jackie, who's afraid of heights. And certainly not for Michelle, who gets super pissed at Brad because they made a pact never to rappel off anything ever again without each other (FYI: Only people who have appeared on The Bachelor would ever need to make that pact.)

Regardless, Brad coaches and coos the women off the cliff one by one. Michelle is the last one to go. She throws a few punches at Brad in mock anger before he tells her that they get to go together. This makes everything better and secures Michelle gloating rights for a few minutes.

That night, the rainforest sets the mood for love... and spiders. The gang heads to a steamy lagoon where they all strip down to their bikinis. Brad spends some QT with Emily, where she admits that she sabotages every relationship she has. This scares Brad, but they make out anyway.

He sits down with Michelle, and she won't shut up about Chantal O. Brad starts to get annoyed. He basically tells her to STFU and mind her own business.

Not having had a great time with any lady, Brad chooses not to hand out a rose. Oh, snap!

The next day, Brad shows up with a horse and whisks Alli away on her first one-on-one. He takes her to a 40-million-year-old cave full of Alli's least favorite thing: crunchy jungle bugs. And bats. Angry bats that hate reality stars. They fly everywhere, scaring the romance right out of Brad and Alli.

Later, the two sit down for dinner on a lily pad. Seriously. It looks they're floating on water. While Alli is super cute and charming, Brad just isn't feeling a connection. For the first time this season, Brad doesn't hand over a rose. Alli's sent packing.