Patti Stanger On Breakups, Celebrities And Getting Him To Propose


Patti Stanger
The Millionaire Matchmaker dishes on unfriending your ex on Facebook and recent celeb breakups.

What's your take on the possible pairing of Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock?

I met them, and when I met them, I really felt there was a connection there. I hope it was a friendship, and they go slow, and it builds. I don't want them to get hurt. But they're cute. And he likes older women—before Scarlett he dated Alanis Morissette! Gotta love Ryan for that. And Sandra is a real girl. Years ago, she was my waitress in New York. I asked her what she was still doing there, why she hadn't packed up and moved to L.A. yet. She said, "Because you don't quit your day job until you have another one lined up!" 2010's Most Surprising Celeb Breakups


Do you think having a very successful career can stand in the way of finding and keeping love?

Yes, of course. If you're married to your career, your mate will feel it, and he'll leave you.

What is the #1 mistake made by women who want to get married, but are struggling to get a ring on it?

Staying too long at the party! This bullshit of staying past a year. It will cause you nothing but problems. Believe me, I've done it. It doesn't work!

How can women get their guys to finally get down on one knee?

You have to take yourself out of the equation. If you have a standard date night on Saturdays, you go out with the girls instead. You gotta mess him up. It can't be too easy for him. Then, he can read you too much. Guys like a challenge. They're like a dog; they're trying to find the bone! Why Do Men Get Married?