Gwyneth Paltrow Is "A Rock" For Chris Martin


gwyneth paltrow and chris martin
Chris Martin is said to be distraught over his parents' divorce, but Gwynnie's got his back.

Whatever the truth may be, we're glad his wife is there for him. Paltrow and Martin have been married for seven years, and sources claim that she's being "a rock" in this chaotic time. It's a bit of a role reversal for the couple, who are more familiar with weathering Paltrow's dramas. Her most recent movie, Country Strong, tanked and her GOOP website and newsletter have been widely mocked for offering lifestyle suggestions that are out of touch and reflect a privileged lifestyle that is unattainable for most women. Is Gwyneth GOOPing Up Her Marriage?

The actress spoke out in this month's Harper's Bazaar about the criticism she's received. Her response? A resounding "Haters gonna hate." (Of course, since she's Gwyneth Paltrow, she said it a little more eloquently than that.)


"Any time you do anything with any degree of sincerity, people make fun of you. That's totally fine. I don't care. I don't read any of it."

Paltrow continues, "My thing with GOOP has always been, if you don't like it, then don't log onto it. There were a couple of times when I thought, 'I'm just gonna stop doing it. People are so mean to me. I don't want to do it.' But then I was like, 'Who cares what some lame person out there says?'"

Whatever you might say about Gwynnie, that approach sounds totally sane to us. And whatever you might say about her relationship with Martin, it looks like this lady knows how to stand by her man.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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