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Do Naked Ladies Improve The Super Bowl?


sexy football lady
Does Super Bowl XLV need more sexiness?

And on the other side of the naked ladies at the Super Bowl agenda is Green Bay Packer Ryan Pickett. Per Fanhouse.com, church groups are using the event to take on the issue of porn addiction. The XXXChurch has designated the day "National Porn Sunday." Evidently, porn-viewing has a deleterious effect on many marriages, and Ryan Pickett (plus Elizabeth Hasselbeck's brother-in-law Matt and John Kitna) thinks you should know about the possible consequences and more or less knock it off already. Why Watching The Super Bowl Could Help Your Marriage

And let's not even start with the "banned" commercials from PETA and Ashley Madison (links not safe for work or actually entertaining or worthwhile in any way, shape or form).

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In case you care, I predict the Packers to cover the spread, win by a field goal and test the new overtime rules; for Troy Polamalu to finally be tackled by his hair; for Aaron Rogers stepping out of Brett Favre's shadow to be mentioned no less than five times by the announcers; and for Ben Roethlisberger's legal/moral issues to be referenced once per quarter.

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Do you think the Super Bowl's literal sexiness is starting to outshine its metaphorical sexiness? Any prognostications?

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