How To Love Your Hot, Pregnant Self


beautiful pregnant woman
One woman learns that a pregnant body is a sexy body.

8. Use pillows as props. As my body continues to grow throughout the pregnancy, I have found that sex gets awkward because I can’t seem to find the right position. Pillows and wedges have been my savior. My favorite is the iceberg, which is small enough to store under the bed or in the closet but the perfect size for boosting my bum.

9. Buy some sexy lingerie. Sometimes wearing maternity clothes can feel like I'm putting on a garbage bag every day (when am I  going to be able to wear those tight jeans again?). I have a sexy piece of lingerie that I will slip into any time I need that boost in confidence. And I don't just wear it for my partner; who says you can't clean the house in sexy lingerie?


10. Have that "sex after pregnancy" talk. This is an important conversation to have, and talking about sex can feel just as sexy as having it. I feel sexy just thinking about all of the ways we can keep sex alive once the baby comes along. It's important to remember how sexy you are and how sexy you will continue to be after giving birth.

One of the most significant things that I have learned during this pregnancy is that how sexy I feel is how sexy others will see me. While I've seen a lot written about how your partner can make you feel sexy during pregnancy, there is a lot to be said for how you can make yourself feel sexy. No matter how your body is changing—whether it be stretch marks or extra weight gain in the ass and thighs—there is always something sexy about your pregnant body. Take time and enjoy your sexy, pregnant self!

Written by Mary for Moms in Babeland.

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