Announcing The First Annual Break Up With Your Ex Day


Break Up With Your Ex
Unfriend, delete and block your ex by February 13.

With that in mind, between now and February 13 we encourage you to unfriend your former boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses and partners on Facebook. You can also take these additional steps: 

  • Unfollow your ex on Twitter, Foursquare and any other social networking sites;
  • Untag and/or delete photos of yourself and that person online, on your computer and phone;
  • Delete songs and playlists that remind you of the person;
  • Block or erase the person on Google chat, AIM and other instant messaging services;
  • Delete their numbers from your phone and their email addresses from your address book;
  • Enlist the support of friends and community to detach and stay detached from your ex;
  • Get back into the dating scene to complete the moving-onprocess.

To help you succeed, we've created tools that are available on our Facebook page, as well as via You can,

  • Post badges to your profile reporting your progress (I unfollowed my ex on Twitter!; I unfriended my ex!; I broke up with my ex!);
  • Send virtual gifts to your friends (a Facebook Stalker Star for friends who need to break up with their ex; a Facebook Support Star for friends who are having a hard time);
  • Take quizzes (Do you need to break up with your ex?)
  • And more!

Visit our Facebook page today and start breaking up with your ex!

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