Oscars 2011: Will The Best Actress Curse Continue?


What do the stars say about the 2011 Oscar nominations for Best Actress?

Every actress dreams of bagging that gorgeous golden Oscar statuette, but if the Best Actress Curse is to be believed, scoring an Academy Award means tanking a relationship (think Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon, whose relationships fell apart within a year of their Best Actress wins). If the curse is real, can we then predict who will win the 2011 Best Actress by looking at whose love life is least stable? We hope not! But with this in mind, we asked the astrologers at Moonit.com to tell us what could happen to the five A-list ladies nominated for Best Actress, based on what the stars (those in the sky, that is) have to say about their relationships.