Poll: Is It OK To Lie To Your Partner About Money?


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A recent survey said that 31 percent of Americans have committed financial infidelity. Have you?

Money is a touchy subject for many couples. When it comes to spending, bills, credit cards and debt, even the most compatible pairs can experience some hiccups. Different ideas about how to handle your cash can cause tension, and maybe some "financial infidelity," as well.

MyDaily.com recently brought up the literal million-dollar question: Have you ever lied to a partner about money? The site noted a stat that thirty-one percent of Americans have "cheated" in the financial department. Is it justifiable?

Two writers took opposing sides of this argument. Tracy Quan insisted a little dishonesty could actually be a good relationship policy.

"A 'white lie' may in fact be the small financial sin that keeps you—and your relationship—sane," Quan said. "When I'm being too faithful or well-behaved, I become suspicious and insecure. It's how I'm built. Breaking a few rules makes me more tolerant which, in turn, makes me a happier mate. The little kick I experienced hiding a transaction from my fiancé made our domesticated existence sexier—and kind of perverse. Every relationship needs an edge."

Colleen Oakley on the other hand claimed she has always told the truth, because being deceptive about money is probably a sign of underlying issues that go beyond any bank statement.

"I think that withholding information about big purchases from your partner is symbolic of withholding so much more from your relationship," Oakley said. "Call it naïve, or even cliché, but my husband and I are on the same team, which means what's mine is his and what's his is mine. (I'll hold, while you go vomit.) It means, that when we want to spend our shared money on something large, we talk about it, discuss if we can afford it, and then make the decision together."

Dishonesty in any relationship makes us raise an eyebrow. But then again, do we have to know every last detail? We thought we would pose the question to you.

Have you ever lied to a partner about money? Would you? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Poll: Is It OK To Lie To Your Partner About Money?:

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