Love Bytes: What Men Really Think About Skinny Women


Coupons on dates, "too skinny" women, and how social media is turning us into sluts.

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links.

“People actually DO that?” 10 sexual practices we bet you’ve never heard of. [The Frisky]

Would you think a man was cheap if he used a coupon on a date? [How About We]

So much for playing hard to get. Studies show that using social media propels women to have sex sooner. [Glamour]

Behold, the forecasted fashion trends for spring. We’re already wondering which ones our men are going to hate. [Hot Beauty Health]

Men always claim to dislike “too skinny” women, though evidence frequently points to the contrary. Here, one man entertains the question. [Ask Men]

9 mistakes everyone makes on a first date [College Candy]

And, 5 things to say on a first date to (try to) avoid the common missteps. [Em & Lo]

Gross-out disclaimer: let’s just say we’ll think twice before eating free samples in the grocery store again. [BuzzFeed]

Be nice to his friends, they may dictate the future of your relationship. [Betty Confidential]

Having sexter’s block? Try one of these 10 sexy texts next time you're at a loss. [Shine]

Every guy is guilty of something, what your man's bad habits say about him. [Glo]

And finally, this man left a marriage proposal on the wrong voicemail. Perhaps you know who he is? [Nerve]


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