Will I Fit In As The Sober Mom?


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How will I fit in as a sober mom without looking like Cindy Walsh?

So that was that. I was giving up the drink... cue the most difficult months of my life.

I've been sober for just over a year. And after months of planned sex, peeing on sticks and yelling at my husband for taking hot baths, I am expecting a healthy baby girl this May. There was a miscarriage somewhere in there, but that's a topic for another post.


The other day, I was faced with my first drinking+pregnancy-related question: "Are you so ready for a drink by now?" I chose not to play along. I admitted that I had actually given up drinking months prior to getting pregnant and had no plans for resuming once the baby was born. "Just wait until after you give birth to say that," was the response I got. A muffled laugh was all I could offer in an attempt to politely end the conversation.

Now this casual commentary has me wondering what kinds of questions and situations I'll be confronted with once I enter the world of motherhood. Will I be sitting around in a circle of women who are cradling their babies and nursing their glasses of rosé, feeling like the only uptight nerd who declines? Will this inspire an interrogation? Will I be forced to share my story?

Do I lie and say I'm on antibiotics, or tell the truth and open myself up to a whole other world of judgement?

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