Best Of The Web: Love Addiction & Resentment


love addiction
Plus do bisexuals cheat more? And should you quit online dating?

There are lots of opportunities for jealous when surrounding the FWB sitchy, The Plunge helps a dude get over his jealousy of his chick's sexual history.

And the opposite of jealousy (sympathy?) is generally a result of this malady: sperm allergy. CafeMom discusses the condition. Since we're only hearing about it now, is it the "headache" of this generation OR the peanut allergy of adults?


While she may be physically uncomfortable with his swim-team, he may be psychically scarred by a visit from her Auntie Florence. College Candy discusses period sex with one of them he said/ she saids.

And, finally, My Daily doesn't mind getting into the science and stink of dude-chick stuff and has news about why women rank scent as the most important factor when choosing a sex partner.

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