Love Bytes: Are You Allergic To Your Partner?

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Argument triggers, semen allergies, and the sex toy that may just save your life someday.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

New research shows coffee helps women deal with stress, but that it has the opposite effect on men. [Aol Health]

A new study shows which time of the week couples are most likely to have an argument. [Nerve]

And to think we admired this as a clever excuse! A Dutch study has found that many women are allergic to semen, and that some men are even allergic to their own. [The Stir]

If drinking heavily and feeling sorry for yourself are your go-to breakup remedies, we recommend trying one of these 21 ideas instead. Trust involves cookie dough. [The Frisky]

After you've polished off your postbreakup bottle of wine, suck it up and get on with your life. Here, your get over it to-do list. [FNC iMag]

Mile High Airplane Sex Kits? What, are the airlines providing these now? [The Gloss]

So you're in a healthy relationship...or so you think. Read on to find why a healthy relationship doesn't necessarily exclude the possibility of having an unhealthy addiction with your partner. [Huffington Post Living]

Come on now, we can't be innocent all the time! Read on to see real women share what they consider to be their sluttiest moment. [Betty Confidential]

Getting ready to tie the knot? Enlighten yourself on 10 things your groom will never tell you. [Shine]

A guy asks: should I have to deal with my girlfriend's self-esteem issues? [AskMen]


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