5 Secrets Of Couples Who Never Get Sick


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How you and your partner can eat, sleep, and shower your way to perfect health.

5. Consider getting your own bed. It sounds extreme, but according to sleep specialist Dr. Neil Stanley at the University of Surrey (UK), sharing a bed with a partner can be bad for your well-being. Between restless limbs and snoring, studies have shown that couples suffer an average of 50 percent more sleep disturbances if they share a bed than if they sleep solo. The marital bed is actually a relatively new phenomenon, dating back to the Industrial Revolution, when population growth meant more people with less furniture—in ancient Rome, for example, the marital bed was used only for sex, not for sleeping.

Still other steps you can take to ward off disease range from eating a plant-based diet to sprinkling brewer's yeast in your salad, from lifting weights to running, from stretching to, well, reading my book, The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick.

Gene Stone is a former Peace Corps volunteer, screenwriter, television producer, and journalist as well as a book, magazine, and newspaper editor. He has also ghostwritten more than thirty books (many of which were national bestsellers), specializing in socially conscious business and health. To learn more about his latest book, visit SecretsOfPeople.com.

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