Single? Ten Tips to Help You Celebrate Valentine's Day


Single? Ten Tips to Help You Celebrate Valentine's Day
Make "the most romantic day of the year" about celebrating love in all it's forms

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Is it pulling on your heart strings, and making you feel a little bit sad? Are you facing it alone, and feeling pressure to be part of a couple? Valentine’s doldrums? Cheer up!

Valentine’s Day is intended to be about love, right? You have children you love, parents or siblings you love, friends you adore. Perhaps your kids are grown, but you’re learning to love yourself all over again. Who says Valentine’s must be about romantic love with a partner offering a rose and a box of chocolates? Make Valentine’s Day about what matters – to you. Valentine's Day, Love It Or Hate It?


Here are some suggestions for making V-Day a great day, whether you’re part of a couple or not.

  • Head out with a girlfriend for a wine tasting at a bar or restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Or choose a cozy café. Go at lunchtime if you prefer, so you don’t feel sorry for yourself in the evening, when the cooing “dating” crowd is out and about.
  • Try something exotic! Grab that girlfriend and head to the Middle Eastern restaurant with the belly dancer. Or go for a new type of cuisine – a taste of Korea for example, or whatever might suit your fancy. A little bit of spicy food will hit high notes with your palate on an evening when spice is nice.


  • Do you prefer to stay in? Then rent or pick up a few movies – the sort of films that make you cry (and you feel better afterward). Yes, I am a HUGE fan of chick flicks. Or, try a movie that’s totally different – an action-packed thriller with a hunky star, or a foreign film simply because it’s French and you’ve always wanted to visit France. Pick up a bottle of French wine while you’re at it, and plan on an evening of pleasure, just for yourself. Painted Pink Toenails: Today I Breathe Again!


  • Maybe you imagine yourself in a villa in Tuscany – some day. Lovely dream, isn’t it? Then rent an Italian film, pick up a bottle of Chianti, and indulge. Foreign films offer intrigue as well as romantic escapades, but not just for the “beautiful people.” Frequently, quirky humor and more real men and women are the stuff of European film making. I even have a recommendation – Bread and Tulips – a delightful Italian film, perfect for Valentine’s. 


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