5 Services That Turn Social Media Into Romantic Keepsakes


How to turn your Facebook profile and Twitter feed into a romantic little album of sentiment.

4. Ninuku Archivist. If you're more of a Facebook than a Twitter person, worry not: there's a service for you too. For $24 a year, Ninuku Archivist creates a chronological, high-quality PDF of your profile, which you can then send to the printers. If all those notes, photos and links sound overwhelming, simply edit them out of your archive. Finally, it also includes a Private Thoughts feature that lets you add personal commentary onto the PDF file. For instance, you can write "what a douche" next to an archived picture of your ex. Kidding! Don't print out those photos, delete them immediately.

5. Scrapblog. If you're uncomfortable letting third-party applications access your Twitter and Facebook accounts, try Scrapblog, which creates scrapbooks using digital media. Use the service to make calendars, photoboks, cards and more—a perfect present for someone who loves reminiscing, but sees no sentimental value in Twitter and Facebook (or who has horrendous spelling, thus rendering his posts unworthy of the printed page).


Are you interested in using services like these?

Image from TweetBookz.com

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