January Jones and Jason Sudeikis Break Up


Long distance is to blame for the 'Mad Men' actress and 'SNL' funny-man's split.

Mad Men beauty January Jones is back on the market.

A source tells People magazine that Jones, 33, has split with her boyfriend, Saturday Night Live funny-man Jason Sudeikis. The two had been dating since last July, and according to the source the pressures of a long-distance relationship—Mad Men films in Los Angeles, while Saturday Night Live is famously live from New York—was the major contributing factor to the split. The insider reveals,

"They've been on and off for a few months and then the long distance kind of ended it," the source says. "But they could get back together. It was just hard to stay together with the distance."

Jones' previous beaus include Ashton Kutcher and Josh Groban.

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