A Gal's Guide To Breaking Up


crying woman and phone
A roundup of YourTango's best breakup advice.

8. Don't Prolong The Misery. We've seen it before. We've done it before. We've tried staying friends. We've slept together one last time. We've continued seeing mutual friends, and have checked in to see what's up on Facebook. While some exes can evolve into friends, trying desperately to hang onto him and keeping in him your life—in whatever capacity possible—will only make the healing process more impossible.

9. Eradicate Him From Your Electronic Life. There's no need for you to see that he hung out with Krissy the other night, or that he poked Tamara last week. Delete him from your phone, your Facebook account, your life and watch the supportive electronic missives roll in.

10. Break Up With Your Ex. Oftentimes, despite trying to move on, and despite new love, we remain stuck on our ex. It's time for some tough love. Here's how you can break up with your ex once and for all.

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