Can Twitter Help Your Marriage?


twitter birds in love
Four ways to use Twitter to tweak your marriage.

3. Team parenting as a way to grow closer. With Twitter's DM feature you could easily connect and co-parent throughout the day as issues arise. Since children are so gifted at playing one parent off the other, tweeting is another one of many ways to combat this and stay informed as parents. Plus you'd have a record of your communication, further decreasing the likelihood of your child's ability to twist what one of you says in order to get his/her way. 8 Ways To Protect Your Marriage From Facebook

4. Collaborate with other parents/couples. Now, I'm not recommending that you air your family's dirty laundry. Instead, what if you used your Twitter followers to collaborate with when it comes to date ideas? Or parenting assistance? I've seen several conversations on Twitter about gift ideas and ways to celebrate special occasions. Could it be that there is a valuable resource waiting to be tapped into in order to get more out of marriage and parenting?


Try a little experiment with tweeting each other and see the impact you observe in your relationship. You could even Tweet it so others could share in your experience!

How have you used Twitter (or other social media) to improve things in your marriage and family?

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