9 Unconventional Valentine's Day Ideas


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Tired of fancy dinners, chocolates and roses? Here are a few unusual Valentine's Day ideas.

6. DIY your gift. By do-it-yourself, we don't just mean cooking dinner and making mix a CD. Scout around for a personalize present she won't expect. For instance, Blends For Friends, creates a blend of loose leaf tea based on the recipient's personality. Simply provide your S.O.'s date of birth, hobbies, personality and physical appearance and see what the service comes up with once the box arrives in the mail. Or put a contemporary spin on homemade scrapbooks, by using Blurb.com to compile a book of love poems, photographs or literary passages that describe your relationship.

7. Have a date at the dog park. A global poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos revealed that one in five people would rather spend Valentine's Day with their pet than a partner. If you're having a hard time picking between the two, spend the afternoon at a local pet park before hitting the town on date night. Or, if you're single, forego the ice cream-laden night alone and take Fido out to play in your city's dog run. Who knows, you might just meet the dog-lover of your dreams.


8. Celebrate on a different day. Restaurants sure are expensive and crowded on Valentine's Day, so postpone your date night to February 15th and spend the holiday itself indoors, relaxing with takeout and a couple of romantic movies. Go all-out the following night with bouquets and a reservation at a classy restaurant you've always wanted to try.

9. Give an alternative bouquet. Roses may be the symbol of love, but they're also a little generic. If your lady's down with non-traditional presents, try substituting roses—heck, even flowers—with a different kind of "bouquet." Send a potted plant, a bonsai or even a miniature tree to her home or workplace. If she's got a sweet tooth, send her a candy bouquet, and if you're good with crafts, make flower bouquet using origami.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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