Most Dateable (and Un-Dateable) Hollywood Celebrities!


Most Dateable (and Un-Dateable) Hollywood Celebrities!

By Kari Arneson

Here at Cupid’s Pulse, we think a lot about celebrities and their love lives. Which is why Dating Diva Daily was nice enough to ask us to put our expertise to good use in a guest post titled “The World’s Most Dateable (and Un-Dateable) Celebrities!” Here’s a teaser of the post, which you can read in full here.

Do you agree with our picks?


George Clooney: Clooney’s incredible charity work and his reputation among his peers as a good guy have shot him to the top of our list of most dateable celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston: Sure, she’s had her share of ups and downs in the love department, but this successful movie star was still voted the most eligible single woman in the world.

Justin Timberlake: In addition to being kind, funny, talented and very sexy, J.T. was recently named the most high-impact celebrity for charity.


Mel Gibson: His lifelong battle with alcohol and abusive relationship with girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva have helped his “dateableness” reach an all-time low.

Lindsay Lohan: Her battles with addiction have led to multiple rehab trips and a recent stint in jail. We think LiLo’s not quite ready to focus on anybody else but herself.

Charlie Sheen: The 45-year-old actor was recently discovered drunk and naked in a room he trashed at the Plaza Hotel. He’s been married and divorced three times, with allegations of domestic violence in each relationship. Un-dateable!

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