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Pregnant Natalie Portman Gives Tearful Tribute to New Fiance

Pregnant Natalie Portman Gives Tearful Tribute to New Fiance
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Natalie Portman Gives Tearful Tribute to New Fiance at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

Black Swan actress Natalie Portman appeared to having nothing, but love to express for her fiancé, dancer/choreographer Benjamin Millepied, while accepting the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Portman and Millepied met while filming Black Swan, reports ”[The filming] was seductive to watch…there was no way the attraction could be missed,” said an insider. Portman is now three months pregnant with Millepied’s child. While on stage, the actress thanked the man who “…partnered me in the movie and who now partners me in life.”

What are some ways to thank your partner for being there for you?

Cupid’s Advice:

You may not get a chance to express your love toward your partner all that frequently, but every once in a while it’s important to convey your gratitude. Here are a few little ways to show you care:

1. Write a note: Try writing a heartfelt message on a scrap of paper, and then stick the note into your partner’s briefcase or bag. This little action is sure to brighten his day at work.

2. Put effort into dinner: Spend an afternoon in the kitchen and prepare your partner’s favorite meal, complete with a setting at the dining room table. If cooking’s not your thing, then get some of his favorite takeout and make a joke out of eating it on your finest dinnerware.

3. Use your TiVo: Go through the TV listings and record his favorite shows or sports games that to which he’s looking forward. When he has time to relax, he’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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