Love Bytes: What His Favorite Superhero Says About Him

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How to tell off a pervert, dressing your age, and talking to your man like a dog.

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links.

What kind of men are you attracting by dressing like an 18-year-old? A whopping 89 percent of women dress younger than their years. [Glamour]

Feel like you’re dating the same guy over and over (and making the same mistakes)? Try taking a chance on someone who isn’t your "type." [College Candy]

Crank some tunes and watch your sex life soar! Turns out music preps both body and mind for getting it on. [Huffington Post Living]

If you did everything together, a breakup can feel like the end of your social life. Here are some tips for keeping your mutual friends. [Shine]

Wish you had a way to spot a cheater before he cheats? Look to his dad. Studies show that individuals may be genetically programmed to stray. [AOL Health]

Ever feel like you only attract the perviest of guys? Take some cues from these ladies on how to tell off creepy men. [Cosmopolitan]

So you got married and you’re still sleeping alone: weigh in on whether sleeping separately is a relationship godsend or a road to divorce. [Blisstree]

Don't be a "Stage 5 clinger." Read on for 6 ways to tell if you’re a needy girlfriend. [Betty Confidential]

The key to a happy relationship: treating your man like a dog? The way we love our pets can teach us ways to better love our partner, this author says. [Readers Digest]

Ask your man "Who is your favorite superhero?" The answer may say a lot about him. [Glo]

Does the weather outside have your relationship feeling a little less than steamy? Here are 10 Winter Date Ideas that will have you longing for snow come summer. [Marie Claire]

"What did I do wrong?" The number one killer of good dates and relationships: chances are, you already know the answer. [Divine Caroline]


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