Love in 90 Days


Love in 90 Days
Cupid spoke with love expert, media psychologist, and author Dr. Diana Kirschner about finding love.

So often women choose the wrong guy to give everything to! And then when the relationship explodes, they suffer and tend to analyze what they did wrong to make it go south, and it wasn’t necessarily anything they did. I wanted to give a clear road map to women to help them see who they are dealing with when they are dating.

Half the people in who are in relationships shouldn’t be in them. There are 16 different sabotaging games men play in relationships. Three are completely unworkable, and call for an immediate dump! The other 13 are more workable. So if you’re unhappy in a relationship, what you’ll learn in the Love in 90 Days paperback is how to figure out what the guy’s dead-end patterns are, and whether to keep him or dump him.


Best news of all – if you leave him, I can help you find someone new in 90 Days.

What’s the one piece of advice you want your readers to come away with after reading your book?

Know that you can find true love no matter what your age, size, or baggage from the past is! You just need to learn how to do it.

Cupid thanks Dr. Kirschner for her time! For more information, visit her website. She also has a free newsletter that can give you weekly support on your road to love. Sign up for it here. Want to read the book? Order it at Amazon. Cupid wishes you luck on your road to love!

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