12 Types Of Friends You Should Break Up With


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It's not only lovers--sometimes you need to break up with friends, too.

The Promise Breaker

You're tired of constantly being disappointed by this friend, so if you want to keep this person around, lower your expectations. Also, call your friend on this behavior. Clue her in by asking, "Did you know this is the fourth time in two months you had to cancel lunch at the last minute?" However, if this trait puts you in too many compromising situations, makes you feel frustrated or disappointed in yourself for being treated like this, it may be time to abandon ship.


The Risk Taker

From shoplifting and experimenting with drugs to driving recklessly, your daredevil friend's behavior should raise serious red flags. "You need to protect yourself," Yager says, adding that you want to encourage your friend to stop her risk-taking ways. But don't try to change her yourself; more than likely, your friend will need help from a professional therapist. Then tell your friend you're suspending your relationship until she straightens up.

The Competitor

Some competition can be healthy -- if your friend's goals or achievements serve as motivation for you -- but if the Competitor wants what you have, acts in a hostile way and will do anything not only to get what you have but take it away, this could cost you. If your friend has to get a house that's bigger or more expensive than yours to seem more successful than you, it may be time to dump her.

The Bloodsucker

This friend is overly dependent on you for emotional support or information. True, it can be flattering to be needed, and of course, the Bloodsucker may be there for you when other friends are too busy for you. But this energy vampire can be draining, which is why you should consider if this friend is worth keeping. As long as you set limits and know that this person will probably make extreme demands on you, you could keep this person in your life.

The Abuser

Don't tolerate anybody who verbally, physically or sexually abuses you. Of course, in some situations, it can be tough to figure out what constitutes abuse. Keep in mind, if someone is vicious and malicious in their comments and treatment of you, you're being verbally abused. Even sexual abuse may not be obvious, as it include subtle behaviors like making jokes that are offensive or sexual in nature, inappropriate comments or sexual harassment. If necessary, contact local police, counseling centers, victims programs, addiction programs or emergency hotlines for help. Then keep this kind of person away from you.

The Double-Crosser

From spreading lies about you to going after your romantic partner, the Double Crosser's actions are the exact opposite of a friend's. If the doublecross happened only once, you might decide to continue the friendship, but let this guy know that his behavior is unacceptable. If you can't forgive, cut the friendship. Just don't ignite his wrath or he could turn against you.

The Controller

Being a Controller is part of this person's personality, which means it's a harder trait to break. But it can be frustrating for you to be dominated so much. Maybe the Controller has to pick out everything you do as friends and gives an opinion on everything you do or want to do without being asked. There is no give and take, as the Controller is uncomfortable and bossy if you want to make a choice about something. If you want to keep the friendship alive, let the person know how much you dislike being controlled. This trait, though, may become so negative that you may need to break ties.

The Downer

"The Downer is a person you have to let into your life with care because this trait can be contagious," Yager says. It goes without saying, of course, that these types are always down, but ironically, if you're upbeat and positive, that may be the reason the Downer was attracted to you in the first place. It is not your job to be a therapist. But realize that she may not be able to change without professional help. Decide if she has any redeeming traits and if you can stay upbeat around her. If not, end the friendship. Don't keep her around just because you feel sorry for her.

Written by Karen Asp for AOL Health

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