The Difficulties to Last Longer in Bed


Solving premature ejaculation problem from a mental and emotional stand point is a lengthy process

Unable to last longer in bed is one of the well kept secrets which most men would not share. Around 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation but only a few percentages of people seek help for the issue. Most men just ignore it or seek for their own cures in the hopes of dealing with it secretly. Premature ejaculation is due to a complex combination of physical and emotional factors. When combined with most men’s inability to talk about it, dealing with premature ejaculation becomes even more difficult.

Premature ejaculation is partially rooted in both mental and emotional issues. Pressure, stress, depression, too much worry about daily events etc are all contributing to premature ejaculation. Emotional problems are more subjective and they are more difficult to handle because they feed into themselves; the worse one feels about not being able to last longer in bed, the worse he will perform in bed.

Solving premature ejaculation problem from a mental and emotional stand point is a lengthy process. Therapist or counselor is in good position to work with those who are not able to last longer in bed due to emotional factors. Men should also try to talk with their partners and make sure that it is not things like resentment, fear, or worry with the relationship that is keeping everything cold in the bedroom. While trying to deal with the emotional state, one can always check out Gambir Sarawak as it is a very good herbal product that helps to cure premature ejaculation. It is applied externally on the private part to enable men to last longer in bed. The good thing about Gambir Sarawak is that it does not numb the private part and on top of that it gives a menthol sensation.

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