David Arquette's Bad Breakup Lands Him In Rehab For The New Year


David Arquette's Bad Breakup Lands Him In Rehab For The New Year
After months of drinking, the 39-year-old actor puts the bottle down, tries to save his marriage.

It seems David Arquette has finally come to grips with his separation from Courtney Cox. Since the couple announced their split in early October, Arquette has been on a three-month long binge of alcohol, twitpics of scantily clad women (although to be fair, he's recently also been posting pictures of his paintings and Southern California landscapes), and running his mouth on Howard Stern. Now it seems he is taking the proper steps to actually recover from their breakup, rather than simply turn to drinks and rebound hookups. According to PerezHilton.com, the actor checked himself into a rehab for alcohol issues and depression on Sunday night.

An inside source told People that "rehab was inevitable. [Arquette] is dealing with a broken heart. He can't handle all the changes in his life. All his inner demons came out."


During his appearance on the Howard Stern show in Decemeber, Arquette said he'd been "drinking a lot" and that "everybody's worried and concerned about me." He also said, "I've been drinking a lot because I'm heartbroken," he added. "It's really a personal, traumatic thing."

Arquette, though, didn't stop at that, and went on to admit that he and Courtney were no longer having sex. This, of course, later prompted an apology from David on his Twitter page: "I went on Howard Stern yesterday to provide clarity and honesty about what I'm experiencing. But while doing that I shared too much...it's alright for me to be honest about my own feelings but in retrospect some of the information I provided involved others and for that I am sorry and humbled. ... I'm sure Courteney and myself will emerge from this painful time better people for what we have learned."

Courtney Cox has condoned her estranged husband's decision to enter rehab, and has publicly expressed her support. Seeing as the couple has been married for over a decade and have a six-year-old together, it' no doubt that Courtney still cares for David's clarity and well-being. "I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life," the 46-year-old actress told People. "I love and support him." Courtney Cox: Divorce Is Not an Option

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