10 Signs Your Spouse Is Really A Stranger


Couple hiding under sheets
How well do you know each other?

3) Sign: All of your conversations revolve around chores and obligations. This is a common pitfall of cohabitation, but if you communicate mostly through post-its and to-do lists you may end up with a roommate, not a romantic partner.
Solution: "Put the relationship back at the top of the totem pole of responsibilities," says YourTango Expert Lisa Kift. "Ask each other 'How are you doing?' and then ask 'How are we doing as a couple?'"

4) Sign: You don't fight. This might seem like the mark of great relationship, but the truth is that even people who are deeply in love disagree from time to time. If you never butt heads with your spouse, it may be a sign that one of you has stepped back emotionally.
Solution: Don't intentionally pick fights, but pay attention to your feelings and notice if you're ignoring resentment. If you are, speak up!


5) Sign: You can name his hobbies, but you don't know anything about them. If he collects Star Wars figurines, but you don't have a clue which is his most prized Vader, you're missing out on an important point of connection.
Solution: You don't need to take up his hobby, just appreciate his enthusiasm and joy.

6) Sign: The sex stinks (or doesn't exist!) If sex has become a birthday and anniversary chore, you're skipping one of the best benefits of sharing a bed. Physical touch is a powerful ways for busy couples to connect, and the absence of physical touch can be a fertile breeding ground for resentment and miscommunication.
Solution: "Hold hands and give each other at least four hugs a day," says Tucker. Just a little bit of contact will help you stay in touch with each other. The Truth About Sexless Marriage

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