Building A New Home And A New Marriage


home building
Can building a new home help a marriage?

We made an offer later that day. Shortly after dusk, our phone rang. Matt took it, cradling it to his ear. He paused for a moment, and my blood raced. Then he hung up. "I guess we're building a house," he said, and a smile slid across his face.

I jumped up to hug him, but inside I worried. We always seem to think the grass is greener somewhere else, and with the tension our marriage had been going through, I was worried that our new project was a panacea. But we were committed now and we'd uncover the truth. Could we build a home that would make our relationship better? When we first moved in together, we'd come up with a design plan that made our furniture mesh; now could we do the same for our living habits? I desperately hoped our new home would free us both. What A Year In Marriage Taught Us About Love


What do you think? Can you build a home to make your relationship work better?

Watch below as Liz from The Kitchen Pantry Scientist and Molly from The Snyder 5 share their thoughts on the lot.

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