Are "Engagementcations" Ruining Marriage?


Couple on vacation
The wedding-industrial complex wants your fiance to be just like Prince William.

The average couple in the United States spends nearly $20,000 on their wedding, and that figure continues to increase even despite the recession. It's time to fight back. Forget the "engagementcation." In fact, maybe it's time to fight buzzwords with buzzwords. Combine that "engagementcation" with a "staycation" and propose at home. It's perfect for those who are "funemployed."

"Engagementcations" are just another way to industrialize and commercialize what is already an over-commercialized and over-industrialized process. Couples don't need more stress and more expenses in their lives, especially when they're just getting started with their lives together. As much as the travel industry wants the "engagementcation" to catch on as a major fad, what's best for couples is not always the same as what's best for the wedding industry.

Is the commercialization of weddings ruining marriage?