5 New Years Resolutions That You Aren't Making


5 New Years Resolutions That You Aren't Making
Every New Year we make the same resolutions. lt's time to change.

4. Learn how to receive. It is more blessed to give than receive. Wise words but in this day and age it has been taken to mean that someone who receives is weak and needy. I am all for being strong and independent and being perceived as weak and needy does not fit my agenda. But let’s look at this from a different perspective: Those who are strong, fierce, independent, you respect them, right? But do you love them? Probably not. It’s tough to love someone who’s got Fort Knox defences and won’t even bend, just a little. Loving and being loved by someone means that you need to be just a little vulnerable, which means being able to receive. Receive compliments, support, praise, and yes, even love gracefully and gratefully. So are you truly ready, willing and able to learn how to receive this New Year?

5. Let go of toxic relationships Many times we live with situations that are unhealthy because we feel we have no choice. These situations dominate our conversations with friends to the point where they roll their eyes when we open our mouths. We dream about them and then wake up in the middle of the night reliving every instant of them unable to go back to sleep. The next day, we start the cycle all over again, tired, groggy and more defenseless. Sound familiar? These are called toxic relationships and they come in many forms. They feed on your fear, sap your energy and ruin your quality of life. The way to get your life back is to get to the heart of your fears and bring them to light. Once you have named them, you can assess your options because you realize that you actually have some. It’s time to let go of toxic relationships this New Year and make room for better ones.


In addition to wanting to be healthy and lose those 10 pounds that have been haunting you since last Christmas, how about we take a different route in 2012?

Here's to a New You this New Year! 

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