5 New Years Resolutions That You Aren't Making


5 New Years Resolutions That You Aren't Making
Every New Year we make the same resolutions. lt's time to change.

Will this New Year be just like the others?

Every New Year we make the same resolutions and don’t stick to them. It’s not necessarily because we don’t have the discipline. It’s probably because these New Year’s resolutions are based on us believing that we are just not good enough as we are. Think about it: if you were that comfortable with who you were and wanted to make certain changes to your body, wouldn’t you be better able to fulfill these resolutions?


So here’s my challenge to you this New Year. Make these 5 suggestions your 2012 New Year’s resolutions and see what difference it makes. Here they are:

1. Listen to your inner voice. Remember the last time that little alarm inside you went off and you chose to ignore it? What happened? Do you want it to happen again? Exactly! So this New Year resolve to listen to that little voice next time it speaks because if everything were OK, you wouldn’t be hearing it.

2. Be nicer to yourself. One day, I was chatting with a classmate of mine after a spinning class when she launched into a litany of how much she hated her body. The way she was speaking about herself was so disdainful that I was embarrassed for her. Her hatred of her body was so intense that she jiggled her leg constantly to prove her point to me. To this day, I cringe when I think about that conversation. As women we are so critical of our bodies and blame ourselves for not have Jillian Michael’s abs or Carrie Underwood’s legs. The way we speak to ourselves helps educate others on how to treat us. If we are so critical and negative about ourselves, not only will we turn people off but we will find people who will gladly help us realize just how ugly, fat, stupid we are unless we resolve this New Year to be a lot nicer to ourselves.

3. Be more grateful. It’s absolutely amazing how many things can go wrong at the same time and I am as guilty as the next person of whining how nothing ever goes the way I want it. That’s when I grab a sheet of paper and list the things for which I am grateful. At first I resist. Seriously, why am I talking about being grateful when I’m in this situation? But then, I humor myself because really, what could it hurt? Ten minutes later, I’m on my second sheet of paper writing how grateful I am to have healthy lungs that allow me to take deep cleansing breaths. I start feeling better because remembering to be grateful even for the smallest thing changes your perspective and opens us up to opportunities that we were ignoring because we were mad, sad or frustrated. So for this New Year, grab a sheet of paper and write about what you’re grateful for.

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