Adam Lambert Arrested After Huge Fight With His Boyfriend

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The 'American Idol' star didn't have such a fun night out clubbing with his beau.

Adam Lambert has been arrested in Finland. Reports out of Europe this morning say the pop singer was detained after getting into a brawl with his boyfriend at popular gay club DTM (Don't Tell Mama) in Helsinki. Police were called after a fight between the pair turned nasty in the early hours at the crowded nightspot. There are reports some spectators also joined in.

After breaking up the fight the Cops arrested the American Idol runner up and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen who shot to fame after appearing on the Finnish version of Big Brother. They were then thrown into different jail cells. There's no word yet on any injuries or charges being laid. Let's hope Adam's famous quiff survived unscathed and he didn't smudge his beloved eyeliner and mascara when the fists started flying.

It's not the first time the openly gay 29 year old has had a run in with the law...

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